Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yes, I Am Crazy....

I have officially gone crazy. I am going to homeschool my 7th grader, Noah, next year. I have no idea how this will go: Will he give me grief each day? Will he live through this experiment? Will I stroke out on this experiment? Nonetheless, I have decided to do it. Luckily, I have no hair so pulling my hair out isn't an option! Hopefully, it will go well and be the answer to my prayers. Why, you ask? Well, many reasons...First, he's been threatened with it many times, so I must follow through (Not that homeschooling is a don't take it that way!) I have always wondered if traditional school is right for Noah. Also, he has such a need to please his friends...(not us at all!) that his decision making skills are poor. I really feel that some one on one time with him will influence him more than the 1000 mini lectures he gets each day. He has had a fairly good year of 6th grade being in the least amount of trouble than other grades, but I'm concerned he will get lost being given too much freedom. Have I convinced you yet? I'm still trying to convince myself...but it boils down to this: If I don't step in during this window of opportunity to influence him, then the window will close and I will lose this chance. He means too much to me to not try it. So, pray for me...I'm going to need it. Pray for him too...I'm a task master when I'm in teacher mode!
Love to you all~

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Simpler Things In Life

I just read the book Recipes and Wooden Spoons by Judy Baer. It's Christian fiction that's easy to read. At this time of my life, I need to read things that make me feel lighter, you know, better than when I started reading it. Anyway, it's about these sisters running a bed a breakfast where they grew up. They are living in a small town with interesting people at every turn. One person in the book is a chef and makes treats all the time (cookies, truffles, cakes). I like that! That must be my release too! Although I don't like the clean-up. It also reminded me to enjoy the simpler things: eating outside, cultivating creativity, helping others, enjoy quiet time, making good food. I'm kind of a mover and a shaker who likes to keep going, so I need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the simpler things.
One thing I've done recently that I enjoy is sewing back pillows for my outdoor patio chairs. I saw some that I love in a catalog I can't afford that were about $35 each. I made mine for about $7 each. I'll include a picture. I find that hugely satisfying! I also weeded a planter next to the patio set that been needing to be weeded for a long time. I planted some green and red peppers, and cantaloupe in there. Yes, I'm trying my hand at farming in a small way! I also planted some tomatoes in containers on my porch. Well, that's what I've been up to. My next project is re-covering my dining table chairs. I hope this inspires you to enjoy the simple things aroound your's made me happy.
love to you all,