Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some Thoughts.....

I have some random thoughts to share with you today.  They are in no particular order; they will be just as I remember them:
1.  I discovered I like my boys playing the sport of basketball.  It provides 2 nights a week of physical 
     activity, which they need, and an hour of peace for me.  I also like that it is indoors.  I am not the 
     kind of girl who likes to freeze outside to watch sports....nope, not at all.  I am enjoying watching
     my boys learn and grow.  I am also amazed at how many kids trip playing this happens a lot!
 2.  I got a Gypsy last night.  It goes with the Cricut Expression I got at Christmastime.  That thing is so much fun!  The Cricut (pronounced~cricket) will cut out letters, shapes,  and a multitude of other things.  I tried being a scrapbooker (who it is made for) but that didn't work out.  I do like making cards, making gift tags, having nice looking letters to put on things, etc. ,so it works for me too!  The Gypsy just helps to design things to cut out on my Cricut.  I have so much to learn!

3.  I am getting ready to have my reconstruction surgery on January 24.  It's going to be a bigger surgery than I had anticipated and I'm not looking forward to it...just to getting it done!  It includes a tummy-tuck so at least my stomach will be flatter!  My fabulous parents will be coming to help.  Thank heaven for them!

4.  Verizon is putting out an iPhone at the beginning of February.  I've been saying I wish they would for a long time!  I'm really trying to figure out how to afford one...and the monthly fee that would incur...I'm trying not to get excited!

Well, that's my random thoughts for now...Take Care!