Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spinning In A Million Directions

Do you ever have so many projects going at once that you forget how many you have altogether? That's me right now. I am room Mom for both of my girl's classes and that has come with many fun jobs, first of which is our Fall Harvest Festival. For one class we are doing a pie walk...the other a fishing game where they throw their fishing pole behind a tarp of water and see what they get. I've been making notes to parents, fishing poles, signs...and I still have to work the event on October 22. Then on top of that I wanted to make some crafts to donate to our holiday shop at school so I am also painting some picture frames, gluing on some ribbon and jingle bells. A week after that my niece and I are having a Halloween Bunco Party so there are unfinished decorations and supplies sitting around for that. Ugh! It looks like my house threw up Halloween and Christmas! But to be honest, even with all this clutter I'm having great fun doing it! I love to be busy and I certainly am! Next on my list is thinking up something creative for our Christmas picture that we are taking on Sunday...any ideas to make our picture unique?
Love ya,