Thursday, November 29, 2007

One of THOSE weeks.....

Brooklyn got sick right after Sunday school on Sunday....good timing. She was sick for a couple of days. Lauren started throwing up this her bed...and everywhere around the house she can think of....Every time I clean up a barf mess I think to myself, "It will be a miracle if I don't get this." It's weird though, she isn't sick in a typical sense. She keeps telling me that she hasn't gotten anything to eat, and when I give her a cracker, she barfs. When I'm sick with a stomach thing, I don't want to eat. She even gets perky between barfs. No fever yet either.

It's already been a long week. I'm just hoping and praying no one else gets this.
Love you all, and please, PRAY FOR US!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...anyone there?

I have to say I am sooo sorry for being so behind on my blog. The last two weeks have been CRAZY! Where I last left you, we got Riley. Well, a few days later, Riley got stepped on and his back right leg was broken! We have been taking care of him and he is recuperating nicely. Now we keep a very close eye on him and ANY time he goes outside he must have a plastic bag covering his splint. I'm telling you that just this chore alone is a full time job! I'll post a picture of him on my mobile phone blog. We've been calling him peg leg.

This past week was my Mary Kay debut, which went very well. I also hosted Thanksgiving for 21 people, and had my first Mary Kay skin care class at my house. It's been party central here! Now I'm trying to catch up from all the items I'm behind doing, including my blog.

My friend, Jennifer, called me last night. Our 20th high school reunion is this summer. I can't believe it. We are making plans to go and have some fun. It's not until June 28. Jen, I hope someday you'll figure out how to post comments! Your comments would be fun to read!

Sorry this is short, but at least it's updated! Have a good day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our new addition to the family!

This is Riley. He is our new puppy. Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Proctor and Aunt Melissa and Uncle Tim, he is the kid's Christmas present. We are all in love with the little sweet guy!

Yesterday I made my first Mary Kay sale! It was to Keith, my brother-in-law (yes, they sell men's stuff!) Thanks Keith! I also have my first skin care class organized through my sister. Thanks guys for your support.

Sorry, that's all for now. Riley is crying!
Love, Janice

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Times to Cherish


Yesterday, my friend Joanna and I and the kids, went to Chick-fil-a for lunch (Sorry Teri!). It is her birthday next week so we went to lunch to celebrate. We had a tiny cake and everything~YUM! We had a good time except for the bathroom. Apparently a little boy had used the restroom previous to us because there was pee on the back of the toilet seat and a small puddle on the floor. (I can spot boy usage a mile away!) Anyway, I spent the WHOLE experience listening to screaming by my girls afraid we were going to step in the puddle of pee (there were 3 of us in a small stall). Brooklyn would not pull up her pants because she was afraid somehow it would make her gravitate toward the pee; I therefore, in exasperation, bent down to pull them up and knocked my drink over with my rear and made a bigger puddle...more screaming....Next, it was Lauren's turn. She decided she could not possibly pull up her pants either and started crying while I'm trying to somewhat clean up diet coke all over the floor. Lucky me, I did manage to step in the pee while enduring all the screaming...........and people say I'll remember these times with fondness....hmmmm...........

Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh Golly Gee/Shucks!

Thank you darlings for your positive comments. They help me greatly! I have moments of terror for what I signed up for, then moments of clarity. I'm glad you all have confidence in me!

Here things are relatively calm. We are getting ready to have the big family Thanksgiving in our house! That Monday before Thanksgiving is my business debut which is a party inviting all my friends to come. All of you who live near, it's November 19 at 6:30 at my house. Please come! That is going to be a busy week! I do thrive on being busy though! The kids are out of school the whole week of Thanksgiving , so that week we are going to Disneyland on Tuesday. I am going to recruit them to make some Thanksgiving decorations for Thursday...and of clean. Okay, they won't clean, but maybe I can get them to agree to not drag out everything they own! That would be progress in itself!

At weight watchers tonight, I was informed that I have "isms"; you know the little sayings that someone in particular says. I told the weight watchers lady that I am "hyper-vigilant" about the things I choose to eat and she said she hadn't heard the term "hyper-vigilant" before. Amy told her that it's a Janiceism. I thought that funny! It would be interesting to me if you could leave me a comment on a Janiceism that you know of....I'm just curious because I'm not aware of them. Isn't it weird that you can say something a lot and not know it? The girls started saying,"What the heck?" and I asked Andrew where they learned it and he said they learned it from me! OOPS! I had no idea I said that so much! I like learning things about myself that I hadn't previously known. By the way, I lost 1 full pound so now I've lost 30.8! Yeah!

Well, that's it for now.

Love you all, Janice

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My New Job!

Hello dear friends!
I've got a new job. I've decided to break out of my shell, which is very thick, and try my hand at selling Mary Kay cosmetics. Don't laugh Carey South! I've been thinking about it for some time and I've decided that I'm going to give it a try. I have never sold a darn thing in my life, except at yard sales, so I'm a little scared. I do use Mary Kay so I'll have access to all the makeup I want, which is a good side benefit. I'm mainly hoping to supplement our income and pay off some bills. So, if you have something encouraging to say: Bring it on! If not, don't tell me! Anyway, that's my newest news.....I am still planning on subbing occasionally, however there hasn't been much action on that front!
Well, I'm off for now!
Love you all,