Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Made It To Washington!

Well...we made it. We went over hill and dale to get here. We first went up the coast of California to avoid the Grapevine which was supposed to be icy. We cut over to the 5 above Sacramento. At that point it was raining. We then traveled nonstop in rain. We kept trudging along and went through snowy and icy conditions, but we made it to Medford. After spending the night there, we traveled through snow, ice, wind and rain through the rest of the mountains. We got a break from severe weather when we were between the mountain area and Salem OR. After that it was a white-out to about Vancouver, WA. It was very slow-going. I kept getting nervous because we didn't have chains; we apparently are not supposed to use them on our car. The only thing we could use cost $500 or more and that wasn't an option. Anyway, our snow tires did the job and got us here safely about 9pm last night. Now, we are relaxing and enjoying being out of the car. By the way, Riley was the best traveler in the car. He did great! He must be a dog that is born to travel! He is afraid of my Mom's pomeranian though! He! He!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


We went ice skating today and we made a movie! I went with my niece, Amber, and the kiddos. Enjoy! Love, Janice

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Art Class

I got an A in my art class! Yippee! I got the results in the mail today. Now I have a BA and 45 units which bumps me up on a pay scale if I am ever on one! I am not going to take anymore classes now until I get a job, if I in fact ever want one! That's my good news for today and I'll leave it at that!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

I am trying REALLY hard to get into the spirit of Christmas season. I want it to be filled with giving, and fun, and coziness and nostalgia. I am, however, a person with high expectations which are bound to be disappointed. I know I do this, yet I cannot help myself! I would much rather anticipate something grand than expect something boring. It's much more fun to build up something and be let down than do nothing and expect nothing. Don't ya think? In this effort, I found my favorite book to read at Christmastime. It is Shepherd's Abiding, by Jan Karon. I've read the Mitford Series and I believe it's #8. It centers around Christmas. It's my favorite. I love that series because it's like a cup of hot cocoa. It's safe, and good, and the people are likeable. I would love to live in Mayberry (A.K.A. Mitford) and be a part of such a place. When I read it, I get to be there in my head. That's the great thing about reading! Anyway, I'll let you know how the high expectations go.....Only 19 days till we leave....Yippee! I need to get out of here!