Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Can't Start Soon Enough!

Hello!  It's less than a week away till school starts and we are ready!  School supplies are purchased.  School clothes are waiting to be worn.  Fees have been paid for middle school and high school.  The middle school and high school already have had their pictures taken!  I am grateful for the long break my kids had but am ready to send them back!  They are ready too, I can tell.  They are starting to argue over meaningless things just for sport.  At this moment they are arguing about how much water on the bathroom rug is too much from the shower...who is smacking their mouth too much when eating (it's always the one not eating who's complaining!) ...and my favorite, someone lopping over into their square on the couch.  Did I mention that I cannot wait till next Wednesday?

One great thing happening this week is that Andrew finally, after 3 years, finishes his Master's Degree.  He will be for real more to do...zilch...nada!  He was allowed to graduate in June because he had 2 classes left to finish, but that was not really the end till now!  I am very proud of his hard work over these three years which would have only been two if it weren't for my stupid cancer treatment.  To commemorate, we will be going out to dinner with some friends.  Yay! 

So we are finishing up some old things and starting some new...that's just the way I like it!