Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why I Like Facebook.....

I'm not quite sure why there are so many critics of Facebook out there.  I find it very satisfying to click on my homepage and have messages, see what my friends are doing, and even have people request to be my friend.   It is very good for the self-esteem.  I guess it relates to my love of getting mail.  I guess I even like junk mail because if my mailbox is empty, I'm disappointed.  But my favorite type of mail is a hand-written note...and a check (of course!).  It's a sad observation that there are fewer and fewer hand written notes these days...and I think that's where Facebook fills that need.  I get mini notes all the time!  I love being able to carry on a discussion with my friends, near and far, and know what is going on in their lives.  I have heard people say that people who like Facebook are self-absorbed because they post updates about themselves, but I think that's a very limited view of Facebook.  Sure, I post updates like the others, but I LOVE reading my friend's updates.  I have also heard that it's a time-waster.  That is most definitely true, for some; but I know a lot more people who waste much more time doing other things (e.g. TV, video games).  Lastly, I'm a very social person.  If I have too many days in a row, by myself, I start to get depressed.  Others energize and refresh me!  So thank you Facebook...you can be my friend anytime!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Is It So Dang Hard To Pick A Baby Name?

Nicknames stick to people, and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive.  ~Thomas C. Haliburton

I was looking up baby names for my niece today.  Out of 1,000 names, there were 6 they liked.  It seems that many names conjure up a person who is annoying, who is a demon-kid, or doesn't go with the last name.  And, of course, my whole family also had their opinions of the names that were read off the list.  I was thinking to myself, How in the world did I come up with my own kid's names? There is even a professional service that, for $49.99, will send you name suggestions with some information you input.  I also saw a name generator that will give you 30 names when you input three you like.  Other important ideas to consider are:  If a mean childhood nickname can be made from that name; If that initials spell something embarrassing (e.g. P.U.S.); or how many kids at one time have that name.  I sub for a class with 2 Haileys, 1 Kaylie, 1 Jadee, and 1 Shaylee....It gets confusing!  My niece's last name is Lesseg, which eliminates lots of names.  Anything that ends with an L sound or is too rhymy doesn't go with it.  I am of the opinion to find a name and sit with it until the baby is born ,but, and this is important, don't tell anyone!  EVERYONE has an opinion of every kind of name!  If you Mom or Aunt Margaret don't like it, you are back to the drawing board. Pick the one you like and let the name be a surprise!  At that point, everyone will know there is no turning back!  This is my advice for Amber!  Although I do know of an angel named Janice!  Ha! Ha!.....

P.S. How about we find out the gender of your baby and leave the name a surprise?   I would really like to know!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I made these today:

These are called pancake puppies....my friend called them hushpuppies....Whatever you call them, they are good!  Here is the link!  I didn't make the blueberry kind.  I used plain Krusteaz pancake mix and added chocolate chips...yum!  That is syrup in the middle.  And...they are deep fried....bad for you, but good.

Today was a good day.  I was in my pajamas until after lunch, which is not like me!  It usually bothers me to stay in my pj's that long.  I was tired though, and welcomed the idea of not having to do anything!  I was able to go through some of my stacks of papers that seem to procreate overnight on the flat surfaces of my house!  While tidying the house, I found my Christmas wrapping paper that I bought from the school fundraiser, many little tiny toys, a purple highlighter, and 1 missing glove!  It was a good and productive day!  Now I am going to begin wrapping!  I need to mail my Christmas gifts to Washington because we are headed there for Christmas come rain, snow, blizzard, etc.  Like this:

 This is video from our last Christmas trip to Washington in 2008.
  Well, I'd better get wrapping!  Enjoy the season!