Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yes, I know all my friends and family have stopped reading my blog because I have not updated. So sorry about that! All is well here, just busy, which is the way I like it!

We have been attempting to get projects done around the house and I'll post some pictures at the end. We are still contemplating putting our house for sale and then renting. We are waiting for God's leading on this one too. We still have some things to do though. I did, finally, rent a storage space. I'm trying to get our embarrassing garage cleaned out. I hate opening the door for the neighbors to see all our junk. Just call us the Clampits (sp?). I planted some calla lily plants our front yesterday, and got some hanging flowers (makes me think of Anacortes) so it's looking prettier. We've got work to do in the backyard though. That darn Riley has been digging....oh puppies! It's a good thing he is cute!

Lately I've been subbing and working on my Mary Kay business. It's going fairly well for the time I have been putting into it. I love it when I make in one hour what I would make in two days subbing! It creates more time in my week when that happens. I'm making enough to keep my car!

This past weekend was the ladie's retreat in WA. I had twinges of sadness all weekend. I hate missing out on going to WA, and I miss my friends! I know boo-hoo!

Here's our kitchen with the new lights.

Here's our computer area.

Here's our living room.


Janifay's Mom said...

Wow, that really looks so nice Janice.
The lights in the kitchen, what an improvement and I love the bookcases in the computer area. Am I also seeing that the Ottoman is recovered in the livingroom?
It all looks wonderful and I am so happy for you to get these things done that have been bothering you. Congrats.

Janifay's Mom said...
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Teri said...

Everything looks so good! You are such a good decorator.

Joanna said...

Everything looks really nice. Glad things are moving along well for you and that the subbing and Mary Kay are going well. I'm praying for you in regards to the decision you are contemplating in selling the house and renting.