Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello Dear Ones~

I bet you thought I would never update this, didn't ya? Well, as the summer drags on and on and on, I've been busy. Keeping 4 kids from killing each other all day is a full-time job. After looking most of the summer, we finally found a Wii Fit for sale! I like it a lot! It totally made me sweat today, and it has the kids moving! It has Yoga, strength training, aerobics, balancing exercises, and other fitness tests. The kids think the activities are games and are really enjoying it. After putting in some time, you get to unlock new games to keep it interesting. If you have a Wii, I totally recommend it.
As we enter the last week off before school starts, I am thinking about how my home will be empty every school day morning. It is bittersweet. I could definitely use some time to myself, but I will miss my girls being home. I have actually enjoyed being with the kids this summer-just not stuck at home! I will miss them all, but I realize school is just one way to separate a little so that when they leave it isn't so devastating. I'm thinking of getting a job. I applied at the school district, but they didn't really have any openings this year. Please pray for us that God leads us to what he wants for us, and for some financial relief. I will still sub occasionally, but it's not my favorite. It's different than being a regular teacher.
That's it for now!

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Joanna said...

The Wii Fit sounds cool. Did everyone start school today? It seems so early to be starting back to me. I will be praying for your financial well-being and guidance in your career choices. =)