Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Art Class

Hello All~
I finally, after almost a year, finished my art class. It's a class you complete on your own at home. I have not been motivated to do this class. It's a class around using paper in various creative ways. It has been a dark cloud looming over me and is about to be lifted! Yippee! It's funny though, I don't feel that sense of relief yet. It will probably come when I receive my grade, unless it's a bad one. I have it in a priority mail envelope ready to be mailed on Monday. Anyway, instead of mailing the projects I had to send pictures of them. I thought I'd show you the highlights. Mom, sorry, this is a as creative as I get!

My French cafe.

My slice of pizza.

My funny background picture.

My chicken.

My Christmas cube.

My sign about me.

The idea behind this art class is having new and unique art ideas for the classroom teacher. I liked, and would use, a few of them.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I got these pictures developed too. Enjoy!

Our lovely Minnie

Our angel


The Presidential candidates.
(Noah and friend)



Teri said...

Wow! Art and kids in costumes - that was a lot to take in!
Great job on the paper projects. I love your little cafe. I hope you get to go to Paris someday. OR you could come here and I will take you up in the Eiffel Tower on the Strip. And we'll eat at the restaurant in the Paris that I've been dying to try.
The kids look great. Your girls are just strikingly beautiful! And Kyle and Noah had great ideas for dressing up this year!

Joanna said...

You did a good job on the art stuff I like the cafe the best. The kids look so cute except for that last one which is just funny.

Maryann said...

Well Darlin' I am proud of you! You did great using that horrible paper, remember I use paint and film/digital. I hate construction paper it is difficult to work with, there are other kinds that are much better to use. I do like that heavy scrapbook kind best and have tons of that on hand. I made a large poster using that and decopage paste for Christian Women's Connection.
By the way I have dibs on the Chicken you made I would love to have that, very cute. I could add her to my Chicken picture that Noah made several years
ago, she is still decorating the front bathroom.
Thanks for putting up the pictures of the kids too. What a treat that is to see.
Can hardly wait until you get up here. I miss you all so much.

Janice said...

Aw shucks, thank you all so much. Teri, I would love to go to the Eiffel tower on the strip with you. I'm already working a plan! Joanna, the cafe is my favorite too. Mom, when I get my final grade you can have the chicken. It has real leaves on it though, so you might have to shellac it or something! I love you all!

Teri said...

Okay! I'll hold you to it. Pick a weekend after the holidays and come on over!!! It's really a short drive. Bring the family or leave them at home for a girls' weekend. I wonder how much it would cost to get a room at a hotel and REALLY have a getaway. Maybe I should look into that...

Maddie Ausland said...

lol!!! love noah's costume!!!!