Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After a LONG break, I decided to post something. I'm feeling sort of melancholy today, and I thought I'd try my hand at an acrostic of some of my thoughts. Here is an acrostic poem for you:

Monday was a long day and I'm still suffering the effects today.
Exercise is elusive in 100+ degree heat.
Love should be a decision and not a feeling.
A good friend doesn't make you feel bad for not seeing them in a while.
Never give advice without all the facts.
Chores are a necessary part of life.
Happy moments are unplanned.
Old folks don't feel so old in their mind.
Love can be shown through gentleness.
You'll never know how much your kindness may mean to someone.

I've just observed these lessons in the last two days. Life is full of wisdom!
Love you all!


Maryann said...

Actually that was quite beautiful and full of wisdom. I am happy to finally see a new post by you.
You have a small box that is interfering with the post from Photobucket about a removed photo. I know nothing about how to remove such things but perhaps you do. It only lets me read the post as I scroll down so the box is below the words.
Welcome back and I hope you keep posting.

Janice said...

Weird, I don't see that on mine. I didn't even post a photo. Hmmm. Does anyone else see it?

Rich Proctor said...

Great verse Jani. I enjoyed it. I love ya Sis.
P.S. I see the photobucket thing also.

Teri said...

Hey! A good friend I know used an acrostic in my birthday book! I can thank your mom for leading me back to your blog and seeing this more recent post. I love catching up with you, even in tiny increments. I'm tempted to copy your idea the next time I'm feeling melancholy (it happens often!) Love you!