Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why is it?

These are my wonderings of the day..............

Why is it that a child cannot remember that he's not allowed to say some particular word, yet he can remember something word for word that a parent should not have said?

Why is it that a person with one child swapping for babysitting with a person of 4 children can get away with taking only one? The parent of 4 is stuck with five!

Why is it that children misbehave when the most critical people are around? Or are there just too many critical people?

Why in the world would an adult, wanting to read, do their reading in Barnes and Noble in the children's section...and proceed to give dirty looks to the children in that section?

Why would a father at swimming lessons yell at an instructor for having his son put his head underwater? And then proceed to let him watch the swim lesson in the water and not participate? (Maybe he has $40 to just give away!). Why, exactly, is he there?

Why when you are going through kid's things for a yard sale do they instantly get attached to something they haven't touched in two years?

Why does the darn dog have to chew up irreplacable items?

These are my wonderings from real life. I think too many long days in a row are getting to me!

Attempting to stay sane,

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