Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, Bliss!

I am having my house cleaned tomorrow. I have not been as excited about something in quite some time! I have things put away; yes, I'm cleaning for the cleaning people. I cannot wait to go sub, and walk in to a clean house. Oh, the satisfaction it brings. I'm so tired of feeling tired and walking in to a list of things I need to do and feeling defeated! Andrew is going to greet them and get them started. Oh the joy I feel!

We had a good weekend. I asked my nephew, Nick, if he wanted to babysit on Friday and he was glad to do it. My kids LOVE him! He wouldn't let me pay him because he wanted to do it, which was a blessing. Andrew and I got to go out to dinner. It was fab. We saw our old friend, John Tolentino, who just got married two months ago for the first time. It was so fun to see him. I also got to read my new book, Sunset, by Karen Kingsbury. It was the end of a series called The Redemption Series, so it was like I visited with old friends there too.

I feel happy today and that's enough for me now.
I love you all. I feel very blessed!


Teri said...

You do sound much lighter!
When things like housekeepers and time out for a date and reading make such a difference, they are SO worth it. I'm happy for you.

Teri said...

So....??? How did it go? How did the house look? Are you still feeling blissful?
Waiting to hear...