Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Quick Note

I am extremely tired, but since a couple of you asked I am giving an update on my housecleaning. It was great, sublime, so freeing! They not only cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors; but also the refrigerator, the stove, my blinds...I have never spent a more worthwhile $80! The best part...they are coming back a week from Monday! Yippee! It is much easier to keep the place clean in between cleanings. Usually I'm trying to find the time to deep clean, which I don't, and then to pick up and deep clean never seems to happen! I feel blessed beyond measure to have this luxury as long as the Lord sees fit.
I promise to update soon. But for now, I'm off to dreamland!

1 comment:

Joanna said...

How nice! I'm glad that the house cleaning service is working out well for you. Your house has always looked impeccable to me though.

Hey down to 60 days on your countdown, how exciting!