Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling Lucky!

I am reveling in the joy of living where I do.  It seems surreal to live here.  I asked my husband the other day when it would stop feeling like I'm on permanent vacation.  He doesn't feel that way because he's working really hard; but I do.  I been doing touristy things such as going to local berry farms suggested in Sunset magazine, enjoying Washington State parks, and taking a ferry to a nearby island. The funny part is that I didn't partake in these things when I lived here before.  Maybe it was because my kids were small, but really I think it's because I didn't appreciate it fully.  It wasn't until I left that I regretted not doing more.  I can tell that people who have lived here a long time don't know that they are lucky.  I walked out of the grocery store this morning and saw the marina with sailboats across the street.  It beat the Rite Aide with the weed-filled field behind it at my previous grocery store any day!  I am a person who is easily bored, so enjoying where I live is important.  I am going to commit to enjoy this place to the fullest!  When I feel discontent creeping in, I will go look at the view from my front porch and thank the Lord for allowing me to return!

I hope you enjoy the view from your front porch too...wherever you are!


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