Friday, December 14, 2007

Bookstores and Coffee

Tonight I was out shopping with my WHOLE family. It's not as enjoyable as you would think. The girls and Kyle are running this way and that...and Noah is doing his usual whining. I'm catching the dirty looks from people who no longer have little kids. It's so easy to revert into dreamland. You know the place you wish you were. I looked into the window of Barnes and Noble and wished I had the freedom to sit in the Starbucks section, have a coffee, and read a book. I told Andrew if I was single: meaning, without any of my entanglements, I would probably spend a lot of time there. It looked so warm and cozy and stress-free....

I know someday I'll have that time and wish back to these times. We always want what we can't have! But, all I want is a few minutes in my dreamland, then I'm ready to be back in my crazy life.

Here's hoping you can have a few minutes in your dreamland too!


Janifay's Mom said...

I guess if I had never had kids I wouldn't feel the emptiness now.
My dreamland consists of all those little stinky people that are driving you and your sister crazy at times. If I could have my dreamland it would be overflowing with happy little childish voices and tons of their sweet hugs and kisses, yes I know there would be whining, crying and fighting too but I even miss that. I don't dream of sugar plums anymore just my kids and grandkids.
Dad I still snicker at all the cute things we heard from the last summer, especially, Lauren at the piano and Brookie with the drumsticks on the ottoman and Lauren said to Brookie, "Hit it Brookie" It wasn't great music but it was fun.
Enjoy it all while you can, empty nests are not all they seem from afar.

Joanna said...

I know exactly what you mean. Time to yourself without worrying about other people is such a luxury right now. Right now about the most time I get to myself is when I get to jump in the shower.