Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't worry, I'm fine....

I think I made my Dad worry about me with my blog yesterday. I guess it was kind of depressing, although it really wasn't meant to be. It was a moment questioning, why? Anyway, I hope I didn't depress you all to much.

Today was a fairly good day, except.....Well, you know the day when you know you're not dressed the best and you go to the store and see the person who is always dressed better than you at their worst.....Yeah, that happened to me. On the way to the store I was even thinking, "I bet I'll see her because I'm dressed shabby,dorky, fill in the blank....And I did! I did not apologize for my appearance because that just makes it worse....Anyway, I hate it when that happens!

My newest nephew, Matt, who is an electrician, came over today. He is going to help us with our kitchen lights! We are going to put 6 small potlights in the box, and a new flush mount above the sink, and maybe two pendants over the breakfast bar. We are also going to put in some under cabinet lighting. I'll send a picture when it is all done. It is very exciting. I love home improvements!

I'll write again soon.



Teri said...

Tag! Read my blog entry for today and follow the rules!

Teri said...

And those lighting changes sound so nice! Post some before and afters!

Joanna said...

Hehe, in my world you are the one that always looks fabulous and I'm the one that looks shabby. We all have those days though.

Glad you are doing fine. I had been thinking about your previous blog and how to respond I wanted to say something insightful but I never quite got it together.