Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oy! Homework!

My favorite thing about Christmas or any vacation is the lack of homework! As of yesterday, it begins again. Not only that, but my son, Noah, has many missing assignments that have to be done (according to the progress report that gave me a heart attack!). Anyway, homework is a thorn in my side! Luckily, his teacher gives him a chance to make it up. I doubt he feels so lucky! He is going to be a busy boy for the time being!

Enough of that, I just got exciting news that I'm now a Mary Kay Senior Consultant. my niece, Amber, signed up yesterday. She is my first official recruit. She called me and said, "I think I'd like to sell Mary Kay." I think that is the easiest recruitment ever. I know she will be good at it.

On my other job front, I have decided to apply to teach in Yucaipa for the next school year. We will see. They have rejected me in the past. God will be in charge of this one. Well he was in charge of the last one too, he just said no. That always hurts. I'm going in with the assumption that nothing will happen so if it does I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm in the process of getting letters of recommendation from three district employees,so that might help. It appears that it would help us financially, but you never know what God has around the corner. I'm just glad he is in charge and I don't have to worry about it.

Well, that's it for now.


Teri said...

Ugh. Wish there was a way to make that hectic time easier. In our household, the homework-doer does fine, it's the surrounding siblings who are out of control and make the time insane.

Joanna said...

God's perfect timing will prevail. Perhaps God knew that next year would be the best time for you to start teaching again full-time. I'm sure your prayers are being heard and all will work out.

Teri said...

Okay, lady... JUST BECAUSE you're busy with your new Mary Kay life and 4 kids and a house and some teaching on the side DOESN'T MEAN you should neglect your blog groupie!!! Where ARE you?

Janice said...

I don't know, the same place you've been! Hey, your New Year's Eve blog has been up for some time little Missy! I keep checking yours and it's the same! I'm your blog groupie too you know!

Teri said...

Do you have the right person??? I've been updating almost daily!!!