Thursday, January 17, 2008

Okay, Okay!

So I'm getting yelled at by my blog groupies of which there is one! Ha! Ha! I'm sorry for not blogging faithfully. I'm still here, yet only partially because my brain can only be at 10 places at once. Beyond that, I exceed capacity!

All is well here, except Brooklyn is sick. She has had a fever since Tuesday. Poor thing. She is pretty miserable. I'm sure Lauren or one of the boys will get it next. It's the Mom's murphy law....You finally get one better, then one more gets it, then the next, then the next....And so it goes. Luckily, I can stay home right now!

To catch you all up here is the top things that are going on in the Shepard house right now:

Mary Kay~ Okay, it's fun for Janice! Nice for everyone else when I get paid!


Dog training! And he needs it!...eating off the table, getting in the front yard,
playing too rough with the kids...

Trying to clean the dang house! I can't seem to catch up!

Enjoying my Roomba! It's the little robot vacuum. It's working while I'm blogging!

Surviving Saturdays until February. Andrew has been working every Saturday since, I can't remember when! He is giving up Saturdays in February to do CT (computerized tomography) somewhere else. Although, that hasn't exactly come through yet! I'm biting my nails on how we're going to pay our bills till it does!

That's about it. I have not gotten to see my neighbor blogger friend, Karen, yet! I hope to see you soon! I know you only live down the street. It's pathetic on my part. I did sub in your son's classroom for a little while the other day! He is charming!

Have a great day all!

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Karen said...

Yay! I DO look wistfully up at your house, but i can't seem to get up there, either. We'll get it together!!! No worries! Get those girls well! I'll see you soon!