Friday, March 13, 2009

What To Wear?

After completing my first chemo treatment today and doing fairly well, I started thinking how weird it is that all my hair will probably fall out before the next one on April 2nd. I am now trying to figure out a hair plan. I've never had to have a hair plan before, so this is new for me. I've always had so much hair that the fluffiness of it made hats look weird and scarves slide out. My hairdresser is going to cut and color a human hair wig to look pretty close to my current style, but I need other things too. For example, am I going to sleep bald? That seems weird...Or, just hanging out at home, should I wear a scarf? Most of the hair things, honestly, look like something a Grandma would wear. I've seen some cheap wigs that look like Little Orphan Annie and Carol Brady...but none that look like me. It's a very weird concept, but I'm sure I'll find something. If all else fails, I'll make something myself. At least I have a sewing machine!

Have a great night~


Joanna said...

I think you should have fun with it and try some glamourous looks with various head apparrel and maybe get some cheapo wigs in different colors and styles to wear for fun. Something about this process should be fun right?

Teri said...

Janice! I JUST NOW saw a woman at Trader Joe's who had a "Cancer Sucks" pin on her purse, was bald, but had a leather "Harley Davidson" headcover on. What do you think about that? You could reinvent yourself during this battle.

Janice said...

I don't know that a Harley Davidson headcover would ever be me! I would like a cancer sucks pin though! You are too funny!

kindra said...

I'm sure you will find something that makes you look gorgeous...after all your hair isn't what makes you. But hey, like Joanna said, something fun and different..why not explore it a might find a style you'll love!! Good luck. Always praying.