Thursday, November 8, 2007

Times to Cherish


Yesterday, my friend Joanna and I and the kids, went to Chick-fil-a for lunch (Sorry Teri!). It is her birthday next week so we went to lunch to celebrate. We had a tiny cake and everything~YUM! We had a good time except for the bathroom. Apparently a little boy had used the restroom previous to us because there was pee on the back of the toilet seat and a small puddle on the floor. (I can spot boy usage a mile away!) Anyway, I spent the WHOLE experience listening to screaming by my girls afraid we were going to step in the puddle of pee (there were 3 of us in a small stall). Brooklyn would not pull up her pants because she was afraid somehow it would make her gravitate toward the pee; I therefore, in exasperation, bent down to pull them up and knocked my drink over with my rear and made a bigger puddle...more screaming....Next, it was Lauren's turn. She decided she could not possibly pull up her pants either and started crying while I'm trying to somewhat clean up diet coke all over the floor. Lucky me, I did manage to step in the pee while enduring all the screaming...........and people say I'll remember these times with fondness....hmmmm...........


Rich said...

Thanks for giving me a good laugh with that little story.

Oh,.. and sorry for laughing at your pain.

Joanna said...

Will I cherished our time together yesterday (probably because I didn't go to the bathroom). Thanks for a lovely afternoon. I really enjoyed the cake, the lunch, the candles, and the company. Elijah had a blast with the girls.

Teri said...

Yes... I am very envious. When I come visit, let's go to Chick-fil-A for sure!!! I wouldn't mind a cake, either---hmmm, maybe should plan a visit on my birthday.

Gpaw Jimmy said...

Sorry, but I just have to selfishly smile (actually laugh out loud) when I see things come full circle and my children enduring the same antics of their children as we did when they were small. But it is true that these are the memories that are remembered fondly and with humor when your kids get older.
Love you all,