Thursday, November 29, 2007

One of THOSE weeks.....

Brooklyn got sick right after Sunday school on Sunday....good timing. She was sick for a couple of days. Lauren started throwing up this her bed...and everywhere around the house she can think of....Every time I clean up a barf mess I think to myself, "It will be a miracle if I don't get this." It's weird though, she isn't sick in a typical sense. She keeps telling me that she hasn't gotten anything to eat, and when I give her a cracker, she barfs. When I'm sick with a stomach thing, I don't want to eat. She even gets perky between barfs. No fever yet either.

It's already been a long week. I'm just hoping and praying no one else gets this.
Love you all, and please, PRAY FOR US!



Karen said...

Man, hang in there. My first went down with the pukey virus on Tuesday and the second has just gone down tonight. At 10pm. Right after we drove home from my sister in law's birthday party. In the car. Which means that I had to get four kids in the beds then heft my 38 week preggo self back down to shop vac and spray and scrub the 3rd row seat of the suburban so we can stand to drive to school in the morning.

I really need a good beer right about now!

Teri said...

Seriously. This is the part of parenting you just don't hear about before you have kids. I prayed for you as soon as I read this and I'll remember your trials next time I'm in the same sitch (which I no doubt will be).