Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...anyone there?

I have to say I am sooo sorry for being so behind on my blog. The last two weeks have been CRAZY! Where I last left you, we got Riley. Well, a few days later, Riley got stepped on and his back right leg was broken! We have been taking care of him and he is recuperating nicely. Now we keep a very close eye on him and ANY time he goes outside he must have a plastic bag covering his splint. I'm telling you that just this chore alone is a full time job! I'll post a picture of him on my mobile phone blog. We've been calling him peg leg.

This past week was my Mary Kay debut, which went very well. I also hosted Thanksgiving for 21 people, and had my first Mary Kay skin care class at my house. It's been party central here! Now I'm trying to catch up from all the items I'm behind doing, including my blog.

My friend, Jennifer, called me last night. Our 20th high school reunion is this summer. I can't believe it. We are making plans to go and have some fun. It's not until June 28. Jen, I hope someday you'll figure out how to post comments! Your comments would be fun to read!

Sorry this is short, but at least it's updated! Have a good day!

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Teri said...

I'm still here and glad you are, too. I was wondering! Our 20th reunion is coming up, too. I can't believe it's been 20 years since high school. That's insane.