Saturday, November 3, 2007

My New Job!

Hello dear friends!
I've got a new job. I've decided to break out of my shell, which is very thick, and try my hand at selling Mary Kay cosmetics. Don't laugh Carey South! I've been thinking about it for some time and I've decided that I'm going to give it a try. I have never sold a darn thing in my life, except at yard sales, so I'm a little scared. I do use Mary Kay so I'll have access to all the makeup I want, which is a good side benefit. I'm mainly hoping to supplement our income and pay off some bills. So, if you have something encouraging to say: Bring it on! If not, don't tell me! Anyway, that's my newest news.....I am still planning on subbing occasionally, however there hasn't been much action on that front!
Well, I'm off for now!
Love you all,


Keith said...

Janice, I agree with your brother Rich, I am sure that you can be successful at this. Congratulations on your new opportunity!

Janice said...

Thanks Keith! I appreciate your confidence in me!

Amy said...

Go for it! Sounds like a good fit for you! :o)

Teri said...

You'll do great. You have an eye for color and style, so you can give good input to customers who ask for it - and you're not pushy. But don't be afraid to get a little sales-y --- maybe it'll pay off in a Cadillac!

Rich said...

Bravo Jani!!!!
I have every confidence that you will be smashingly successful at this. You are unstoppable little sister!!!!
Can't wait to go for a ride in the pink Cadillac.

Joanna said...

Congrats and I wish you much success!! I do like the MK makeup maybe I will have an order for you soon.

Gpaw Jimmy said...

You will probably be so successful that you will be able to get them to give you a pink Sequoia instead of a Cadillac.

jennifer grimstad said...

argh!!!!!!!! I just typed you a whole message, but then i didn't have a google account, so i had to make one, then it erased my entire witty comment!!What the heck! well, I will briefly recap. will you go to the class reunion with me, pretty please? we will have a great time. it is june 28. go to reunions unlimited to see about it. Do you have an email address i can send messages to so all america doesn't read my personal thoughts? I don't have the internet at my house, so that's why I never have done a blog thing before. by the way, i think you will make a great mary kay lady. your beautiful skin will be the perfect advertisement. Where do you put the twins when you sub, or do they behave nicely in the back of the room, as mine would? Ha, ha! I love you, write me back. i don't want to write too much, as i don't trust these doggone computers to relay my correspondences. love, jennifer grimstad