Monday, March 10, 2008

Call Me Crazy....

I decided to list all the weird things I like. Well, maybe not weird, but also could be disliked by the regular population.................
*Daylight Savings Time...I love having the sun shine longer and later!
*The smell of a tire store.
*The smell of markers, rubber cement,gasoline, and the manicure shop.
*The sound of other people's children whining/crying/etc. It makes me feel not alone.
*Someone touching my feet. It's good when I get past the tickly part!
*Rainy days.
*Kitchen gadgets and office supplies.
*Chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day.
*People-watching at airports.
*Spelling tests.
*Reading inspiring quotes.
*Eating at a restaurant alone and going to the movies alone.
*Getting the mail. A package is the best!
*Mail order catalogs.
*Being out and about.
*Email questionnaires.

What is something weird you like?


Joanna said...

I love Daylight Savings time too I am so glad they extended how long it lasts. I love it when both kids are in bed asleep by 8:30pm, I love being home absolutely alone (that hasn't happened since the baby was born), I love the smell after it rains, I love Disneyland (but you knew that), I love a good cup of coffee, I love the Macaroni Grill (and its closing =0) I love it when the house is clean but hating cleaning it, I love it when the trees and wildflowers bloom in our yard.

Karen said...

I love green olives, including the juice. Just take a big ol' soup spoon and eat out of the jar. Gross, eh?