Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Kyle Is 9 Today!

I cannot believe that Kyle is 9! I kissed him goodnight last night and almost cried because it was the last time I'd kiss him at 8. Those kinds of things really get me! Being a parent is heartbreaking at times. He is such a sweet and good-hearted boy! Right now, I am making his birthday brownies with chocolate chips in them for tonight. For dinner he is having chocolate chip pancakes, juicy bacon, juicy sausage, and extra scrambled eggs (Kyle added the juicy part). Next, I'm going to make up a treasure hunt for his birthday gift. It is going to be fun....but first.....

I am subbing this afternoon in Noah's class. It should be fine, except Noah is in it. He always seems to show off for me. The main thing I'm nervous about is that I'm teaching the advanced math class this afternoon.....stop snickering.....I told his teacher that there is a reason that I prefer K-3, but she assured me it would be easy. Pray for me! After this hurdle I can get back to working on making Kyle's birthday fun. Please also pray the 5th graders are feeling gracious today.

Well, I'd better go work on my treasure hunt!

Love, Janice

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Joanna said...

I hope the subbing went well and that Kyle enjoyed his birthday festivities. His last year in the single digits, wow!

I'm guessing he got the Ipod.

btw I have something for you. I wonder when I will see you...