Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Are my kids weird or what? Noah was trying to look like an old lady, but looked more like a homely one! They are all in character in this photo. We went to Keith and Amy's house for Halloween. It was fun and the Dads' took them trick-or-treating...SCORE! Thanks Keith and Amy ~ You're the best! See Keith, you made the blog!
Today I finished my last project for my CLAD! Woo-hoo! These are the classes I've been working on for almost the last two years. If I take one more class it bumps me up on the pay scale (that is nonexistent at this point) from B.A. and 30 units to B.A. and 45 units. That is, if I decide to teach again!
Well all, it's late and I'm pooped!
See you in cyberspace!!!!!
Love, Janice

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