Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hi There

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well. We are doing fine. Andrew arrived home safe and sound and all of the children are still alive:0)

I have to admit it is SO nice having Andrew home on a Saturday. I've spent so many home by myself and I hate it. We got many things accomplished that we have not had time to work on. I don't know how we'll handle the lack of finances from him not working, but we will enjoy having him home. Please keep praying about that. We are considering putting our house up for sale. It could be a short-term solution for some problems. Our house really is too small for all of us and the payment is too high!

We have moved down to a one TV family (well, only one connected to cable). We do have a small one for kid movies. One of our big TVs is broken so we went down to one. They were competing with each other anyway. I'm hoping we watch less as a result. I'm finding that I can live with a lot less TV as I get older. It feels like such a time waster. We have also given up keeping soda in the house. I know, that's a big one! I am a self proclaimed diet coke aholic; however, we decided we were all drinking too much soda so it's helping us to drink less. The kids get juice, milk, or water. I usually have iced tea or water. The kids can have soda when we eat out, go to other places, etc. Noah thinks he is going to die from this!
I am actually doing okay. Sometimes I still make a trip to 7-11 though! ( Amy, George misses you.)

Well, it's bath time for the girls. I hope you are all having a good weekend. I love you all!



Joanna said...

I'm praying for a financial blessing for your family. If you do sell the house will you stay in the area or have you thought that far yet? I know you've mentioned a Washington a lot.

Janice said...

What a coinkydink, I'm praying for that for you as well! If we stay in the area, we would probably rent. I would like to go back to Washington though. The fact is, we are not sure. The cost of living in WA is lower. Only God knows right now and He's not telling! :0)

Teri said...

Well, let us know if you happen to want to rent on Eagle Point Drive!