Monday, February 25, 2008

My Celebrity Soulmate

Take the Quiz

I have to admit I took the quiz several times! to get a different soul mate! First, I got David Beckham (sp?) then I got Brad Pitt. Since I'd never be remotely attracted to those two dimwits, I kept trying. At least this time, I got someone attractive! Minus his viewpoints and personality, I believe I came out a winner!

Love, Janice

P.S. I think he looks more like Pierce Brosnan than George Clooney!


Teri said...

He does look like Pierce Brosnan. I think it's funny you retook the test a few times! That in itself reveals something about your personality!!!

Janice said...

Yeah....never quite satisfied! You have a point!

Rich said...

My celeb soul mate was Kate Beckinsale (whoever that is).