Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Nice Day

It was a nice day today. We had a Mary Kay customer appreciation day and I took my best customer, my sister. It was fun to spend time with her without kids. Andrew stopped working on Saturdays (I'm biting my nails, financially, over that one) so I was free to go to this event. Melissa, of course, looked lovely after her color class and she had a fun time.

Andrew spent the day doing a few needed projects which always feels good. His Dad helped him get those done. I also got to get a pedicure which is always nice. It was time to get rid of the Christmas trees from my toenails!

We spent the evening watching my niece, Grace. Melissa watched my kids so we could go out last night and we are watching her daughter tonight. It is so nice to trade!
As I sit here, the kids are giggling and getting in trouble because they are supposed to be in bed. I'm getting the last laugh though because they don't know it's only 8:30 pm! He! He!

Here's hoping you get time to yourself,

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