Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Viva, Las Vegas!

Andrew left for Las Vegas today. He is going to a conference for radiology something or another. He isn't coming back till Friday. I'm trying hard not to hate him feel sorry for myself. I'm the one who likes to go and do things. He is planning on doing lesson plans in his free time.....I'm thinking, "What in the world? I will never figure out that man!" He was saying it wasn't going to be much fun because he will be in meetings all day. I'm thinking, "It's quiet, no one is whining, you get to eat out....what's not to love?" This trip is totally wasted on him up my alley. And do you think anyone is going to fawn over me help me in my hour of need in being totally alone with the kids (like they do when he is alone). I'm guessing no......but I'm not bitter....:)

I do know that I will survive! I always do!



Teri said...

One might wonder why you didn't load up the kids and go stay with the lovely Love family!!!! For Pete's sake!

Janice said...

He went during the week or I would have in a heartbeat. One of the girls asked me if he was going to see Cayna and Joe. They miss them!

Joanna said...

Sorry you are home by yourself with the kids while Andrew gets to be away. Doug is the same way he doesn't like to travel much and wouldn't appreciate a trip like that either.

Rich said...

Oh boy am I jealous! I have been itching to go to Vegas myself, but I guarantee that I would not be spending much time hanging out inside my hotel room.