Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Two Sure Things

Yes, you guessed it...death and taxes. I'm doing the latter. Fun, fun.... Every year it makes me feel very stupid. I've done Turbo Tax for the last few years and with my Mary Kay business, I'm getting stumped. I think I'm doing this right, but who knows? Do I just do what I think is right and risk it, or do I pay money I don't have to a professional? I'm so scared to be audited, but I do buy their insurance that they will handle it if it happens. Most of all, I need this refund!
In addition to taxes, today was BORING! Sundays are often boring. I can't stand to be bored. I hate having a holiday weekend with nothing to do, and no cash. It makes me have a pity party of gigantic proportions, especially when I see others leaving to have fun for the long weekend. HO-HUM! I just keep telling myself, "Great is my reward in heaven." I did have some fun this week to be grateful for, but that was so yesterday!
To keep my attitude in check, I'll tell you the top ten things I'm grateful for today (in no particular order).
1. I'm actually getting a tax refund and I don't owe!
2. My family is healthy.
3. My house is not in foreclosure, yet. :)
4. God loves me.
5. Chocolate, need I say more?
6. My newest Mary Kay friends (They are very nice and encouraging).Old friends too!
7. My husband loves me despite myself.
8. Disneyland annual passes.
9. I am my dogs person.
10. I live in the United States.

Yes, I'm very grateful indeed!

Love you all,

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