Thursday, September 18, 2008

Community Bible Study

I started my new Bible study today. It's at the beautiful Methodist church in Yucaipa. I've always admired the way that church looks on the outside. It's beautiful inside too. The lady who leads it said that God handpicked each one of us to be there and it was no accident. I feel that way too. It feels like I'm supposed to be there. I met many nice people and its fun to meet other Christians outside my own church. I did know a couple of people. One girl is the little sister of a boy I dated in high school. She and I have been becoming friends because our daughters are in the same kindergarten accident. Another girl was my brother's girlfriend in high school, yes, none other than Kris. (She asked how you were doing Rich! ;0) accident...and I made a connection with a really nice lady in my small group...which I'm sure is no accident. My Mary Kay friend, Erica, watches kids there and my friend Chasie is an attender too. She is one of those people who just makes you happy when you talk to her....which I need, and I'm positive its no accident! It's interesting to see how God orchestrates your life according to His will. Now we'll see if he gives me Thursdays off from subbing to be able to go consistently.
Well I feel happy today. I'm thankful for this new opportunity!
I love you all!

P.S. I'm still thinking of my latte name. I'm thinking maybe Liza or Austen. Maybe I'll go and try them out to see which one is better. I'll let you know how it goes. :)


Teri said...

I love that church! It has all the pretty stones, right? Once on a date night, Kevin and I got coffee at White Rabbit or whatever it was called and then walked around that church b/c I thought it was so neat looking. How fun your study is there, and all the people sound great, too - I hope you love it! I would be in heaven in a study with you and Chasie!!!

Rich said...

Wow Kris, label me surprised. Not exactly what I was expecting when I checked in on Jani's blog.

You can tell her that I am well. Also that I said hi, and that I asked how she was doing as well.