Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My "Latte" Name

I have this book titled, I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids. It's easy reading and makes some good points, but I have to confess my favorite parts are the "Dirty Little Secrets" posted around the book. There is one that confesses a Mom in a TVless house breaks out the TV when hubby is away on business and lets the kids watch videos. Another is a Mom who has decided the 4pm is the new 5pm in breaking out the wine. However, my favorite is the Mom who has a "latte" name, I believe its Kim; and when she gets a latte she pretends she is someone else with a different life just for a while. That's the one I can relate to, I'm sure the one all Moms can relate to on a given day. I guess its a form of escapism, like reading. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my family for anything, but sometimes I'd like to pretend be someone else just for a while by pretending to......
...drive a more exciting car (I do like my car though!)
...have a career that travels
...actually get a paycheck!
...live in a high-rise in a big city (you guessed it, Seattle)
...go out to eat....frequently
...attend a black tie event
...be so important I actually need to wear a blue-tooth headset on my ear indoors. Oh wait, no one is that important. He! He! Sorry if you do that!

I guess another term for it is "coffee name"but I think "latte" name sounds better. I would love to know if anyone else does this just because I'm quirky and I like to know that kind of information! I have not thought of one for myself yet, but I like the idea of using..........Paris (oh, but too bad Paris Hilton spoiled it)........Carla.............Anne Marie........Andie (My husband's not using it!)....I don't know. I'll let you know when I think of one. If you have an idea, go ahead and suggest it.
I'm tired.......I'm sure you couldn't tell!
Enjoy a latte today!


Janifay's Mom said...

I can just see madamoselle Fifi sitting at
a small table at a sidewalk cafe with the Eiffel tower in the background sipping her espresso drink from a tiny little cup. She is wearing very stylish clothes and an even more stylish hat with a veil that covers her face from our view. She is wearing a slim straight dress in Black and White print and her long shiny Brown hair glistens in the sunlight streaming down on her shoulders where her long hair rests as she sips her drink. We have to wonder why she is alone, who is she waiting for, is it a...... suddenly in the blink of an eye she is just a mom sitting in her bathrobe alone at the table and realizes her tea bag has just fallen on the floor and the dog is tearing it to shreds. Another fantasy gone and back to the reality of dirty laundry with children and pets to care for. Well for a little while she was possibly a spy waiting for a contact in romantic Paris., when in run the little girls who jump on Mommy and cover her with kisses and hugs. What could actually be better real or pretend? What do I know I am just Jani's Mom.

Teri said...

My vote is for Andie!
We have a lot in common. I wouldn't trade my life for anything, but the things outside my life that often look appealing just the same are things that you mentioned, like a job with travel and living in a high rise in Seattle. Or, if I had to be stuck in Vegas, there are these really cool-looking "lofts" that would make NO sense with four+ kids. Anyway, I like Andie. Now I'm off to think of my own latte name!

Teri said...

BTW, it's funny you mentioned that book, I was seriously just looking at it on Amazon (along with about 40 other titles).

Janice said...

They also put out a book, I think it's called Dirty Little Secrets that I think looks fun.