Friday, September 26, 2008

My Mouth Is Full Of Foot

Have you ever had a conversation that went awry? I had a conversation that started innocently enough this morning and it seemed to get away from me and made me look bad. I won't bore you with the details because I doubt it's important enough for the people in the conversation to remember, but I have felt odd about it all day. It actually started as a compliment toward one person that implied a slightly derogatory feeling about another place and someone heard and made a comment..yada, yada,yada....Anyway, I've felt the weight of it all day...I guess even innocent enough words can have consequences. Because of my somber mood, I've spent the day reading a book (which is infused with scripture) and feeling tired. I'm praying for a good day tomorrow without the burdens of today. Yesterday was a really good day for me and I guess two good days in a row would be more than I could handle!:)
Here's to a foot-free mouth day!


Maryann said...

Ah, you are not alone. We all open mouth and insert foot on occasion. I can't tell you a specific but I remember that ODD feeling too well.

I always attempt to eat crow as soon as possible and apologize or fess up ASAP, until that is done I never feel right.

Prayer always helps and ask for the opportunity to make it right somehow.

God is faithful.

Teri said...

I don't like that yucky feeling, either. Hope you're better today.