Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stepping Into Flooded Waters

Our sermon today was from Joshua 3 and 4. It was about the Israelites crossing over the Jordon River on the way to the promised land. Our pastor talked about how the river at the time of year was in flood stage. It was about 14 feet high with water. The people were to follow the priests carrying the ark of the covenant. The Lord told Joshua that the priests were to go into the water (flood stage) carrying the ark and only then would He hold back the waters. He talked about how they had to take a step of faith and only then would they see the wonder that God had in store for them. It says the water stood up in a heap! Then, the Lord's people crossed on dry ground.
He asked us how many of us stay at the shore and pray for God to do something, yet stay at the shore and do not step into the water. The key is stepping into the water and letting God work. I wonder to myself if I am a stander or a stepper. I am hoping I'm a stepper, but I also can see myself doing a lot of praying before I decide to get wet.
Last of all, I'm trying to decide what this might mean for me specifically. I am actively looking and praying to figure it out. I would love some changes to take place in my life, but they have to be in accordance with God's will.
I really got something out of this message today and I hope it stirs something in you as well especially if you are hoping a situation changes or are waiting for a miracle.

Have a blessed Sunday~

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Teri said...

Thanks for sharing, Janice.

It's hard to be a "stepper".