Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner Out?

To us stay-at-home Moms the idea of eating dinner out is enticing. I personally crave time out with others to hang out and have fun; however, tonight I wish I'd eaten in my car. We paid around $40 for all six of us to eat and not one darn kid finished their dinner! Not only that, I took each daughter to the bathroom (separately of course!) Brooklyn cried or acted obnoxious most of the time and we really got in no conversation with the other adults. (Sorry those of you who were with us!) To round out the evening, the boys fought the whole way which was no picnic either. On the other hand, we brought home three take-out boxes which means Andrew has his lunch already made for work tomorrow! (Score!) It turns out Brooklyn isn't feeling well and went to bed early... the boys earned an early bedtime for their behavior in the car.....maybe not all is lost for a pleasant evening!
The kids are in bed!



Janifay's Mom said...

I remember a trip to Big Bear with the kids over my birthday. We went out to a local restaurant for dinner, I too was tired of cooking, our Son made the comment about people at the other table, "they sure drink a lot" and at the top of his voice.
The youngest daughter cried because she didn't want to eat STEAK, and the other one was just grumpy and miserable. Well we had dinner and they didn't throw the 5 of us out and Janibaby decided steak wasn't so bad after all. All in all it makes for some funny remembrances all these years later and uncomfortable didn't last forever.
Someday you will laugh at the experience and wish you could have back the times when the kids were small, they'll become precious times.
Love you,
JaniFay's Mom

Rich said...

Hi Jani,
My sister the blogger. Hey I am enjoying reading about all things Janice, and I am looking forward to reading about all of your adventures. Tell those boys that Uncle Rich isn't too impressed with their behavior. Funny, I can remember that dinner that Mom talked about, and those people did drink a lot! Anyway I don't think Mom and Dad had much fun that night. Oh well, they look back and laugh now.
Love ya Sis.

Teri said...

I like your mom's perspective on this stuff - it helps. Doesn't make it more fun at the moment, but helps to hear. You gotta share for us former Yucaipans where you ate!!! Glad they all went to bed early - that's a good Friday night gift!

Janice said...

Funny...I don't remember much about that night except the Mom and Dad were mad. I still like steak though!

Janice said...

Teri I forgot to mention we ate at our fave, Jose's, in Redlands.

Anonymous said...

We love our tradition with your family. It was a crazy night!