Sunday, September 23, 2007

Parent Guilt!

Hi friends and loved ones! I have been having so much fun writing these blogs and getting your responses! I am proud of you, Dad, for getting up the courage to open an account!
Today I have one cute story to share. Tonight we ordered pizza. We, being the money savers that we are, went and picked it up ourselves. On the way home we must have been talking about puppies because our daughter Lauren blurted out, half-crying, "They told us to raise our hands (in Sunday school) if we had a cat or a dog, and I was the only one who couldn't raise my hand!" She said it so broken-heartedly that the parent guilt really set in! Don't get me wrong: I am a dog lover, however, now is not a good time. Anyway, despite the fact that I know that, it seems that one very sad comment from my little darling can make me question everything! Kids are good at that!
Happy Sunday!


Gpaw Jimmy said...

Hi Jani Fay,
Yes, kids can certainly put guilt trips on us. It has happened to me many times. Either I have a lot to feel guilty about or my kids were just playing me. I remember one time I was particularly annoyed by a slow female driver in front of me and I must have made a mildly derogatory remark about her moving her keyster when my 4 year old son Richard, who was intently listening to all of this from the back seat, said very solemnly in his most prayerful voice,"Forgive him Lord, he didn't mean it". Tell Lauren that our dogs up here are part of the family and therefore partly belong to her. The next time someone asks her if she has a dog she can at least raise her hand and say she is an absentee owner.
Lots of Love,

Joanna said...

Yes kids are really good at making us feel guilty even when we shouldn't be. Tell her she does have a pet, she has a fish. Hehehe.

Tina said...

Hi Janice!!
It's so fun to read your blog and to hear about your life and to read your comments from your Mom & Dad. It feels like the days back in Forest Falls when you kept me out of trouble. I know how you feel about animals and the kids. We got a beautiful cat earlier this year and Brian was terribly allergic but absolutely loved that cat more than anything. We had to give it away to a girl here at work. Brian still asks about him. We had a dog we had to give away a couple of years ago too. Too sad. He was a gorgeous German Shepherd but was getting old and Brian pulled on his tail and he bit him, so now Buck has a nice wonderful new home with no kids. We’ll probably attempt the pet thing when they’re about 10 or 12.