Thursday, September 20, 2007


You know, when you lock yourself in your house and you don't get out, it's hard to think of witty/fun/interesting things to say. In my desperate attempt to keep anyone reading this, I think I'll keep a notebook of weird things that happen to me so that I can write about them. I am having so much fun writing this blog and reading the responses I think I could get addicted to it!
By the way, it's cloudy again. I made lemon poppyseed muffins so far. Who knows what I will bake next....
I love you all!


Janifay's Mom said...
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Janifay's Mom said...

Need cute clever things to say? Kids say the cutest things and the fun lasts forever that way. Grandparents especially appreciate those funny little things.

I spent over 4 hours in a meeting today, productive but I would rather have been accomplishing something on our remodel job. It is so frustrating when nothing gets done for such a long time and you are paying so much for it and is going no where. S L O W.

I am working on the Sequim Arts Newsletter so I have to get it finished.

Love and Kisses to you all,
JaniFay's Mom (this time no clerical error)

Teri said...

Funny things are great to hear about, but so are everyday things from your perspective. I agree blogging is addictive and it's great to find others who enjoy it -keep it up!!!
Meanwhile, gosh I'd like a poppyseed muffin right about now.