Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's Finally Raining!

Here is a picture of the sky last night on the way to our lovely dinner. I took it with my camera phone. With a sky like this the other day, Kyle asked me, "Is that heaven coming down?" I thought to myself, "Take me Lord!"
Noah just reported to me that it is finally raining! Maybe my other two soccer games will be canceled today. I need a break.
Keeping my fingers crossed,


Gpaw Jimmy said...

I have enjoyed reading your postings and responses but I suddenly realized I was being left behind, Therefore, I have summoned all my courage and very limited computer skills and completed the registration process. I have never been big on writing things down but will attempt from time to time to comment on certain issues. Suffice it to say that I am very proud of all your accomplishments and I was just thinking the other day how your Grandmother Ruth would have been so proud of you also because you are so much like her. Of course I am also equally proud of your brother and sister and their accomplishments but they don't have a forum such as this to post it on -yet. (But look for that to change if this catches on).Love you lots!

Janifay's Mom said...

Love the picture! Finally getting some of my kind of weather. Sorry to miss out on Mexican Dinner, gotta love those Chicken Tacos those are delish.

I had to laugh at the other comments, something else cute to remember.

Love to you all,
JaniFay's Mom

Gpaw Jimmy said...

Hi Jani Fay,
Yes, kids can certainly put guilt trips on us. It has happened to me many times. Either I have a lot to feel guilty about or my kids were just playing me. I remember one time I was particularly annoyed by a slow female driver in front of me and I must have made a mildly derogatory remark about her moving her keyster when my 4 year old son Richard, who was intently listening to all of this from the back seat, said very solemnly in his most prayerful voice,"Forgive him Lord, he didn't mean it". Tell Lauren that our dogs up here are part of the family and therefore partly belong to her. The next time someone asks her if she has a dog she can at least raise her hand and say she is an absentee owner.
Lots of Love,

Tina said...

YAY!! We finally got some rain. I was so happy. We went to the LA County Fair Saturday and Kyle said, "it's not raining or pouring -- this is a flood!" What a great picture from your phone. I was so happy to finally get some rain.