Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Better Day!

Today was a much better day getting the kids to school. I'll admit it's mainly because Noah has to bring his saxaphone today and wanted a ride rather than any creativity on my part! I'll take whatever works!

I've also been productive today. When I feel like I've been productive all is more right with the world. I just went through my old video tapes. I'm going to get rid of most of them. In the world of dvd's I'm just running out of room! I did get to see some video of my kids from more than three years ago. My boys voices and faces have changed. The girls were just babies. At the time they seemed so hard, but now they are just completely adorable. I'll have to remember each and every day to not waste my time wishing them to be bigger. It makes me wish I'd filmed them more! The pictures are what they looked like in the video.

Have a happy (and productive) day!
Love, Janice


Teri said...

Ohmygosh! How have I never seen older pics of your kids? They are adorable! And is that a recent pic of you? Your hair is shorter now! Looks good!!!

Janice said...

Thanks Teri! I think they are adorable! Yeah, I thought I'd put a recent picture of what I look like to keep you all informed!

Janifay's Mom said...

I miss those babies so much. I don't realize how much until I see them all so much smaller. My baby is looking pretty cute too.

I am sorry that you have had so much stress lately.
Just know you are not alone, stress isn't just where you are, it is having a long visit at our house too.

Try setting the clocks ahead about 10 min. and maybe you can get Noah moving faster without so
much stress on you.

Hang in there they are worth the trouble. Kiss all the kids for G-Ma and G-Pa. We Love you ALL and miss you, yeah even the stinky ones.
JaniFay's Mom

Joanna said...

Hi Janice I haven't been leaving comments lately because I couldn't remember my dang password. Blah! I finally just had to reset it. Anyway. I love the pics you posted. Your kids were so cute when they were little, and of course they still are very cute.