Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I watched the bad fires from four years ago in Washington. It seemed that they would go on forever. It's weird being here for them this time. While I don't have a fire in my near vicinity, our sky just looks dirty from the the smoke from the south and the north. The kids have rainy day schedule at school because of the air quality and they are going berzerk. Noah got in trouble at P.E. yesterday, which is inside, from his grouchy P.E. teacher. Having busy boys stuck inside with grouchy people makes for a bad combination! Anyway, I'm not complaining, I still have my house which is more than some could say! I'm just praying the wind dies down so that they can contain some of these fires.

I went to a Mary Kay thing with my Mary Kay lady last night. I'm intrigued by the idea of making money at home, which I could greatly use, but I have very low confidence in my skills with contacting people. I could sell the makeup, but it's having to call and possibly push myself on people that makes me nervous. I would welcome your comments on your take on how well I would do. You all know me well. Some of the motivational things they do I would consider on the dorky side, but if you do well, it's worth it. Anyway, I'm mulling it over. Subbing only pays $105 per day without the possibility of making more. They made it clear: "It doesn't matter if you are an experienced teacher or have never been in the classroom, you make the same...$105." It was humbling to say the least. My last few years have been filled with humbling experiences which I think has shaken my confidence level. I never had a problem with that before....

Praying God doesn't humble me today,


Joanna said...

Mary Kay...hmmm....In my opinion you do have to be kind of pushy to be really successful with Mary Kay. Their products are good quality but they are also on the pricey side which I think makes it hard to sell. I can't see you being pushy but I can see you being organized enough to keep up with your customers and you are friendly which would help. I once sold Avon and I had a hard time with it because I didn't want to bother people and I felt like I was harrassing them if I called them to see if they needed anything. I know what you mean about wanting to find something to do from home though. I would really like to find something as well. I'll pray for you!!

Rich said...

Here's what I know about my little sister. You can do anything that you set your mind to! If you decide you want sell Mary Kay, I am confident that you can be just as successful as you decide you want to be. Now, you may have to stretch yourself a bit and break through some comfort zones, which can be uncomfortable and a little scary, but you can absolutely, 1000%, do it. Just boils down to whether you want to do it.
Love, Rich
P.S. Don't discount the dorky motivational exercises, as much as I hate to say it - believe it or not, they work.