Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm laughing at myself!

Reading my own blog is my only laugh today. I realized in my previous entry I called bad air quality,"bar air quality". I guess the air outside could be compared to a smoky bar, not that I go to them. It is so hazy outside that it looks overcast. The sun was dark red through the haze. BLEH! Are the fires out yet? I wouldn't know. I have not had a chance to sit down and relax dealing with little darlings locked inside all day. Watching the news doesn't help much. They mainly report the expensive areas like OC and San Diego. San B doesn't get much air time. It's irritating.
I did attempt to incorporate some fun into an otherwise dreary day. Between the fighting of the boys and the girls crying over whatever, I made halloween sugar cookies. I frosted some for dessert. I froze some unfrosted cookies to maybe have on another day. For one split second I felt all organized for doing that. I then awoke from my daydream to the second major sticky spill of the juice. Great fun!
Right now it's after dinner and I'm blogging. I'm trying to not talk because I have a sore throat (smoke? or yelling? It's a toss up!)

I sure hope your day was better!

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