Monday, October 15, 2007


Am I the only parent that cares how my kid.....treats others?...........tells the truth?...........talks to adults?...........does right or wrong? Right now it feels like it. I feel like I work so hard to impress these values on my children and others (I won't say who, but it's none of you!) do nothing to make sure their child is doing the right thing! I guess that's the problem with being here on earth. It is broken, and so are the people! I sometimes get so frustrated with the parents of my kid's friends.
Not that I'm perfect.. And then there is Kohl's. I was shopping there with my girls today. I was looking at something real quick and Lauren accidently pulled off the mannequin's hand. Don't tell me you didn't do that as a kid. Before I even noticed, (it wasn't even a minute) the saleslady said, "Can you please keep them from doing that!" I wanted to say, "No I'm sorry the eyes in the back of my head are not working today and I'm just a completely incompetent mother!" Never mind the fact that I'd spent the last twenty minutes keeping them in line very competently. Meanwhile, Lauren was traumatized because I got mad at them and told them, "When you do things like that, the salespeople yell at me!" Lauren told me she never wants to be in a store with a mannequin again!
I think these are the experiences are the kind that make me a "type A" personality! Pray for me! My personality needs it!

Can anyone relate?



Gpaw Jimmy said...

I can remember being on a crowded bus one time when one small, sweet little girl started singing the "Eenie Meenie Minee Moe" song and I held my breath until that infamous verse about something being caught by the toe and boy was I glad that I had taught my daughter to say "Tiger".

Gpaw Jimmy said...

A P.S. to the above story and the real kicker was that we were the only caucasions on the bus.

Teri said...

Yep, I can relate. And there's nothing worse than being "scolded" by store employees who seemingly have NO understanding of child behavior. As if we're all just idiots with no control over our children. They're CHILDREN! In the right (wrong?) mood, I might have thrown the hand at the person.

Karen said...

Honestly, that would be enough to make me stop shopping at Kohls. It's not like the manequin's hand isn't removable! No way to treat a customer; it was obviously a mistake and she could have approached it in so many other ways.

And I know what you mean about other kids - it's tough. Stick to your guns, as tough as it is. I kind of think California is even worse than many places.