Friday, October 26, 2007

Staying Positive!

In an effort to stay positive, I am generating a list (not all-inclusive) of the things I am grateful for today:
*clean air~you don't appreciate it until it's full of smoke!
*I'm not homeless.
*Healthy children.
*God's grace.
*Friends and Family!
*Belly laughs!
*My cars are still running.
*My husband comes home to this crazy house every night! It would be tempting to keep on driving!
*Diet coke...need I say more?
*Just found out my husband is coming home early....unplanned...YES!

Okay, I already feel better.
Love, Janice

1 comment:

Joanna said...

I hope these fires stop soon. My nose has been bothering me a lot today I think due to the smoke. Elijah is going stir crazy because I won't let him go outside and play and he hasn't been able to for most of the week. I need a coke.

You are very correct though we have a lot of positives and things to be grateful for and this shall soon pass.