Saturday, October 27, 2007


Last year I was depressed when Christmas came around. I didn't get around to my Christmas cards (not like me). I didn't do much baking (not like me either). I was in a funk. I feel myself slipping into that again because I'm already mourning Christmas. I REALLY wanted to go to Washington for Christmas and it's not going to happen. I hate that finances can dictate where I can and cannot go. Although, I'm not sure my car would make it all the way there either! It seems that every time I get into that car something new is broken! Oh well, my son was already complaining how long the drive takes when we were just thinking about it. Maybe God is saving me! Can you imagine a marathon driving session with the world's most relentless whiner, coupled with happy and blood curdling screams from the twin world record holders in scream volume, mixed with fighting and crying from the world's most easily hurt and dramatic middle child? This is our car and it's supposed to be fun! My dear, dear, dear, father experienced this just this summer. I think they let him off a little easy, however, they had their moments. My Dad flew down from Washington and drove us up so that we could be there longer. (Believe it or not, Andrew only has so much vacation time!) Anyway, during one crying session from little Brooklyn, I told her to stop crying to which she replied, "I'm not crying, I'm whining! I'm not stupid crying!" We found that to be completely funny.

Well, upon that memory, I am smiling again. I am also left with the thought that maybe God has a reason and a purpose for us to be here this year. While I am not gifted in the realm of making lemonade from life's lemons, I certainly don't want to mess with God's purpose or plans!

Well, I love you all. All you Washington loved ones, be assured, I'm working on my next return!

Love, Janice


Gpaw Jimmy said...

Even though at the time of the fighting, crying (stupid crying),and shrieking it makes your ears bleed, later on you crack up with laughter at the memories of that time as these memories become both funny and precious.

Joanna said...

That car trip sure doesn't sound fun. I'm sorry you won't get to be where you would most want to be at Christmas this year that is a bummer. Lets find something positive...You can go to Disneyland in December thats always fun and so beautiful at Christmas time, you can start a new family tradition of your choice, you can send all 4 kids to my house while you go shop, and last but not least you can see me at Christmas time (hehehe).

Teri said...

Earlier when I was watching my 30-thousandth straight episode of "House Hunters" I dreamed of what it might be like to have Christmas in the Hamptons. Alas, I will be here in the desert - only 2 and a half hours from you in Yucaipa!!!