Monday, October 8, 2007


Did that weekend zoom by or what? It seemed I blinked and it was over. In my quest to find interesting things to write about, I'll tell you what happened at Noah's soccer game this weekend. During the game, the coach of the opposite team yelled out (I found out later to his son) "You kick like your Mom!" I'm telling you the whole field heard this. I thought to myself...."Hmmmm". Later, to another kid, he yelled and asked if he should move the goal a little to the left because the kid missed it. I found myself being thankful my son was not on that team. I was happy to be on a losing team with a coach who is a good example. It's funny because just before the game I was wishing Noah could be on a winning team. I think God uses these experiences to show me what is important and that he knows what is best for me and my family. A side note: I saw that coach and his wife in the parking lot after the game; guess who was driving....yep, the wife. Hmmmmmm! I have to admit, it made me smile!

I hope you smile today!
Love, Janice

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Tina said...

Hi Janice,
Great story about the soccer coach, it made me smile too. I agree, sometimes it's better to be in a positive environment than to sacrifice the positive for simply winning.
By the way, I hope that coach's wife let him have it for making fun of the way she kicks.

Have a super day!!