Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Calm After the Storm

Hello! It's Wednesday morning and my boys just left for school. I am sipping some tea and calming down. It's the calm after the storm. Everyday my oldest, Noah, makes a big commotion just before he leaves for school. It stresses me out and frankly, makes me mad! He doesn't care if he's late, I do. He doesn't care if his teeth are brushed or hair is combed, I do. Not only that, he tries to do things such as pump up his tires on his bike when he is already 5 minutes late leaving! Now I don't mind letting him reap consequences for such behavior, however, when the school notifies you about such consequences they act like it's the parent's fault. I guess I take it too personally because I feel like I work so hard to get these things done. If any of you have any suggestions, I would welcome them greatly! Just typing this out has calmed me already!
By the way, thanks for commisserating with me about the thing at Kohls! Those salespeople OBVIOUSLY do not have children! I agree with Karen, people outside of California are nicer.

Looking for something positive to write about,


Karen said...

I feel the same way you do about your kids reflecting on you, HOWEVER, they are their own people and they do have to learn from their own mistakes. That is the most painful thing about parenthood, not being able to carry those burdens for your kids. I have one just like Noah! Put him with his other two brothers and mornings before school here are trecherous. So I told them until it improves, no dessert. This means no weird naked dances that take time away from getting ready (these are boys, you know), clearing dishes from the table, no whipping each other with clothing, no mommy telling you every step of the way what needs to happen next.

Maybe take something away from Noah that he loves until he is acting acceptably. Unfortunately, having the school call isn't enough for him at this age.

But also realize, he is a kid, he doesn't have to be perfect and this is how he learns. And don't worry about those other people. You're the one teaching the lesson.

Gpaw Jimmy said...

Some of the things I did as a young boy would make Noah look like a saint. We won't go into specifics (in order to salvage my reputation) but young boys are prone to such antics and despite my checkered youth, I think I eventually turned out ok. Keep the Faith!