Monday, October 1, 2007

A Mixed Bag Weekend!

Hi there friends and family!
It was sooo nice having Andrew home for two days in a row! Okay, about the yard work, we didn't get much done. We need to rent a rototiller to remove some weeds so that we can plant some grass seed. I hate manual labor! We did get to go out to dinner. We had a good time this time! ( I guess you win some and lose some!). We went to BJ's (a pizza/pasta place).

Some hard news this father-in-law, Var, had a small heart attack. He is currently in the hospital getting angiograms and anything else he may need. The blessing is that they think he had the main part of the heart attack while he was in the hospital. He had already had some nitroglycerin to help and some pain medication which means it could have been a lot worse! They are not thinking that it caused a lot of damage either. God was certainly taking care of him! If you could pray for him we would appreciate it!

Tonight we will have some soccer drama. Apparently there are some parents who are not happy with Noah's coach and want her removed...there will be a meeting with the soccer board during his practice tonight. It's news to me! I'm just happy to have someone willing to be the coach! I'm wondering if any of them complaining will be willing to step up and coach themselves. Hmmmm..... somehow I doubt it! I am curious though...I'll keep you updated! Have a splendid day!
Love, Janice


Tina said...

Welcome to October Janice!
We will be keeping Andrew's Dad in our prayers.
Good luck with the soccer thing.
Sometimes parents get so competitive they lose the point of kids in sports. Hope all goes well.

richlionhearted said...

H Jani,

I'll defnitely keep Var in my prayers. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as it could might been.

BJ's Pizza is the best pizza ever (in my humble opinion). Next time I come to SoCal I definitely have to head down to Balboa and eat at the original BJ's. I love that place!

Hope the soccer thing comes out okay. I have seen some of those parents on the news trying to live out their athletic dreams through their kids and they can be somehwhat nutty.

Love ya Sis,

Joanna said...

Your father-in-law and family are in my prayers.

My favorite thing at BJ's is the Pizookie (sp?) the cookie cooked in a mini-pizza pan fresh out of the oven, hot and gooey with vanilla ice cream on top. Yum!