Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Glad It's Friday

Friday is my favorite day of the week. The kids have no homework, which I hate fighting with them about, and it feels that I can breathe a sigh of relief. Yes, I'm glad it's Friday!

One week from today I will be substitute teaching for the first time. I'm slightly anxious because I'm used to the routine of being in my own classroom but what the heck, they're first graders, I can take 'em! It's my friends classroom too so I know she will have plans. My friend, Joanna, will be watching my girls for me. Thanks Joanna!

Some sad news, our beloved goldfish, Jimmy, is dying. We have had him for a year and 8 months so we are pretty attached to him. Everytime he sees me he swims to the glass and it almost looks like he wags his tail. Whoever said goldfish only have a two second memory is wrong. Ours is smart and he loves us too. Yes, I have shed a tear or two over our sweet Jimmy. My days with fish will be over for while. I think I need a break from the heartbreak of losing them. We lost our black fish, Stevie, just before school started. We had him for almost as long. I hate seeing my kids cry. Someday, when we are in a house that we want to live in indefinitely, we will get a dog.

Well, I'm going to leave it at that for now.
Happy Friday!
Love, Janice


Janifay's Mom said...

I am so sorry that the fish is dying. Those were two of the cutest fish I ever saw, I guess they just have short life spans. I don't blame you for not wanting more very soon, it is so difficult to lose the things you love.
The only good thing I can say is that Love is never wasted and it is the only thing that can go to heaven with you. It gives pleasure and pain but the pleasure is worth so much more than anything else and it enriches your life. Love is never a waste. Hang in there the memories are worth it all.
Janifay's Mom

Gpaw Jimmy said...

Hi Jani,
I think the best thing about having beloved pets in our lives is that they teach us what unconditional love is and how we can apply that love to the people in our lives. It is heartbreaking when we lose them but they have made us stronger in our love for others and we can bask in the warm memories of having had them as an integral part of our family.
Love to you all,